San Diego unpaid overtime litigation attorneys

Unpaid Overtime Allegations in San Diego

The Lawyer for Employers team protects employers from unpaid overtime allegations in San Diego and throughout Southern California.  Our employer defense team handles all aspects of employment law for San Diego employers, and represents our clients in all disputes, lawsuits and State and Federal Labor Board Hearings.  Unpaid overtime allegations in San Diego have risen sharply over the past few years.  Plaintiff’s employment lawyers are looking for ways to sue San Diego employers for unpaid overtime whenever a current or former employee speaks with them.

The Lawyer for Employers team helps our clients to respond to and aggressively defend unpaid overtime allegations in San Diego.  We work to refute the employee’s claims, and to represent our client’s interests in all disputes and lawsuits.  Most lawsuits are resolved through effective and leveraged negotiations and when necessary, mediation and arbitration.  Our legal team has decades of experience and expertise in wage and hour laws as well as employer defense.  We also work with clients to reduce or eliminate their exposure to unpaid overtime lawsuits in the future.

One of the primary allegations leveled by former employees is that they were “expected to work nights and weekends in order to perform their base jobs.”  They show California Courts evidence of after hours emails and phone records where they accessed company voicemails or spoke with other employees, you the employer or a customer after working hours.  California Courts tend to lean to the employee’s point of view unless the employer can stand strongly upon solid policies and procedures, consistently applied and well documented.  The Lawyer for Employers team will investigate the allegations, gather offsetting evidence and the testimony of appropriate witnesses and stand firmly against these claims on your behalf.

If you have been accused of unpaid overtime allegations in San Diego or have questions about protecting yourself, your management team and your company from allegations in the future, we invite you to call 613-996-9960 for a free consultation.