Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Manuals for San Diego Employers

Create Update Policies Procedures San Diego Lawyer for EmployersPolicies and Procedures manuals are an important component of our strategy for protecting San Diego employers from employment related disputes and lawsuits.  The “Lawyer for Employers” team works with you and your management team to develop or review existing policies and procedures.  We keep you abreast of any changes in local, state or federal employment laws and regulations.  We maintain and update all employment related documents including your company’s “Policies and Procedures.”

Your “Policies and Procedures” work hand in hand with your employment documents.  They establish clear rules for conduct by all personnel who represent your company.  They ensure that all employees conduct themselves legally and in accordance with your internal standards, and those mandated by law.  These documents also establish a solid legal foundation and defense against unwarranted disputes and lawsuits.  The policies and procedures enacted within your company should create a productive and compliant corporate culture.  They are a primary ingredient in the strategy to preventing abuses by your employees and independent contractors.

Policies and Procedures Promote a Fair and Compliant Work Environment

These critical documents provide guidance to employees and managers alike.  They establish an “ideal” behavior and management code, while providing specific direction and oversight.  Policies and procedures establish documentation of violations and performance metrics at both an individual and company level.  These important documents increase the consistency and efficiency with which your employees and contract workers are treated.  Well crafted policies and procedures ensure fair treatment across your entire organization.

What are Policies and Procedures?

San Diego Lawyer for Employers Policies and Procedures

From a legal perspective, a policy is a legal and enforceable written rule, behavior or principle that all members of your company must follow.  A procedure lays out specific steps management and employees will take to implement or fulfill a policy.

The general steps for the development of Policies and Procedures includes:

  1. Develop the reasoning behind or need for the policy such as legislative requirements or legal regulations behind it.
  2. Discuss the desired policy or policies with your “Lawyer for Employers” attorney
  3. We draft both the policy itself, as well as the procedures that will be implemented to fulfill the policy
  4. As our client, you review these policies and procedures and approve them for incorporation into the formal documentation of your company
  5. We work together to establish measurements and documentation to ensure fulfillment and compliance with all laws.
  6. The “Lawyer for Employers” team updates you on changes in federal, state or local laws.  We recommend appropriate changes and updates based upon developments
  7. You should ensure written acknowledgement by all employees and management personnel of any changes to policies and procedures.  This ensures continued compliance and our ability to defend these policies in any dispute that might arise.

What Areas Should be Covered by Policies and Procedures?

Policies and procedures can and should cover multiple areas of your business and its operations, including but not limited to:

  • Attendance, Code of Conduct, Performance Management & Improvement, Discipline and Termination
  • Trade Secrets, Company Confidential Information and Non-Disclosures
  • Health and Safety, Workplace Accidents, Workplace Violence
  • ADA, FLSA, FMLA, Overtime, Benefits, Sick leave, Vacation and Short & Long Term Disability
  • Privacy and Use of Company Systems, Technology and Communications
  • Jury Duty
  • Alcohol and Drug Use / Abuse
  • Communication of Employee Concerns, Complaints, Grievance, and Dispute Resolution

Contact San Diego Policy and Procedure Attorneys

We invite you to reach out to the “Lawyer for Employers” team to discuss your Policy and Procedures.  Contact us, or call (619) 996-9960 for a free consultation.  Learn about the importance of these critical documents and your legal obligations as an employer.  Learn how our policies and procedures strategies help to reduce or eliminate the risk of employment related disputes or lawsuits.