The Lawyers for Employers Defense in San Diego

If you are an employer in San Diego or southern California and you become involved in a dispute, hearing or lawsuit you need experienced representation.  The Lawyers for Employers defense in San Diego have decades of experience protecting our clients in every legal aspect of a dispute or lawsuit.  We do not represent employees, and focus entirely on the defense of San Diego employers in disputes with employees, federal and state agencies including but not limited to:

You should contact the lawyers for employers defense in San Diego if you become involved in a dispute with an employee or group of employees or if you are contacted by a state or federal agency regarding an inquiry, dispute or action.  The initial invitation to an “informal hearing” is actually a very serious matter, and this initial hearing will often lay the foundation for the entire case against you and your company.  The hearing administrator will focus intently on your knowledge of labor laws and your company’s practices.  They will immediately test your understanding of complex law while probing internal company documentation, policies, procedures and practices.

There is nothing “informal” about these hearings, and the potential for expensive damages and further legal exposure is exceptionally high.  The Lawyers for Employers defense in San Diego focuses our decades of experience in litigation and trial work to diffuse the charges against you and resolve the matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  We help to limit any legal and financial exposure you may have while working to put an end to any investigations, hearings, disciplinary actions or lawsuits that may arise.

If you are an employer facing a dispute, investigation or lawsuit we invite you contact the Lawyers for Employers defense in San Diego for a free consultation at (619) 996-9960.