The Importance of Well Crafted Employment Contracts

Why is it so important to have well crafted employment contracts and how does this protect a San Diego employer after the hire?  The employment contract documents are the foundation of all legal employment issues.  They are the first line of defense for San Diego employers, and protect against disputes and employment related litigation.  The Lawyer For Employers team work with our clients to develop comprehensive employment contract documents including:

  • Offer Letters
  • Employment Contracts
  • Trade Secret and Non-Compete Covenants
  • Employee Manuals

The offer letter is usually the first legally structured communication between a potential employee and your company.  Your Lawyer for Employers attorney will develop templates for the types of positions offered within your organization.  The offer letter is the first step to legally establish the duties you expect an employee to perform.  It is also an opportunity to clearly communicate important procedures such as advance overtime authorization policies.  These ideas are more thoroughly addressed in the employment contract itself.  Our employment contracts are designed to strengthen our client’s position in the event of any dispute or ultimate lawsuit that might arise between the parties.  The employment contract can limit the options and remedies available to an employee, while establishing clear guidelines that support our position in any subsequent dispute.

It is absolutely possible to limit an employee’s ability to take proprietary information such as customer lists, technical knowledge, supplier information and insider industry expertise in order to compete against you after employment is completed.  While California is known as a state that leans to an employee’s point of view, it is possible to craft trade secret and non-compete covenants that reduce your exposure.

The employee manual establishes how your organization operates, the behaviors you require of your employees and the processes and procedures they must follow.  Important protections against allegations of wrongdoing in terms of overtime, meals and break periods, discipline and retaliation can be established in our well crafted employee manuals.  The importance of well crafted employment contracts cannot be understated.  These critical documents help to establish and foster your corporate culture.  They help to determine the processes and procedures which guide all internal employment related operations profitably and successfully.  They establish your ability as an employer to take corrective or disciplinary action, and ultimately to terminate an employment relationship that is not successful.

If you would like more information about effective employment contracts or a review of your existing documents we invite you to call for a free consultation at 619-996-9960.