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The “Lawyer for Employers” are committed to providing advise and counsel, legal contract and document services as well as dispute resolution and employer defense services throughout the greater San Diego region.  We have decades of experience serving San Diego business owners and employers, and provide cutting edge strategies to increase the performance and effectiveness of employee relationships, while reducing or eliminating the likelihood of a dispute or lawsuit.

Services for San Diego Employers

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Employment Contracts

Interview strategy, employment contracts and employee handbooks are the foundation of employee performance measurement.

wage and hour lawyer for employer san diego

Wage and Hour

Wage and hour issues have become much more complex with new overtime and California’s new fair pay rules.

San Diego FLSA lawyer for employer attorney

FLSA and Overtime

Department of Labor or DOL’s new overtime rules create headaches for San Diego Employers.  FLSA compliance is mandatory.

San Diego FMLA abuse lawyers for employers

FMLA Abuse Prevention

We help to put policies and procedures in place that reduce or eliminate FMLA abuse, while remaining compliant with the law.

San Diego unpaid overtime litigation attorneys

Unpaid Overtime

San Diego employers are at risk for unpaid overtime allegations by existing and former employees. Learn to protect your company.

San Diego independent contractor misclassification lawyers


Federal and state agencies are heavily auditing employers with independent contractors for misclassification violations.

ADA violations and litigation attorneys San Diego

ADA Litigation

ADA compliance is required of all San Diego employers.  Public spaces must meet ADA requirements to avoid litigation.

San Diego policies and procedures attorneys

Policies & Procedures

Clearly conceived, crafted or reviewed policies and procedures can reduce disputes and prevent litigation. 


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